Translation Notes


Here I will be posting both mundane and interesting topics concerning the translations I’ve been doing. This may include everything from simple justifications for why I chose to translate something a certain way to discussing more ubiquitous words or Japanese phrases. This will serve as a central location where I can add notes for those who are interested.

Specific Manga Translation Notes

Earth’s After School Rest – Chikyuu no Houkago (地球の放課後)


Though the title is quite straightforward and quite literally means Earth’s (地球の) After School (放課後), the implied meaning or connotation is little more. The time after school in Japan is often seen as a restful. Students participate in clubs, hang out with friends, or walk home together, which allows them a brief respite from the ordinary rigors of school.

In this manga, there seems to be an emphasis on what the world is like without humans present. For that reason, I elected to translate it so that it sounds like the earth is receiving a rest from having to deal with humanity. Similarly, Masashi seems to truly believe that people will return, which hints that the Earth’s rest is only temporary: much like students having to return to the classroom the following day, the earth too must return to work.

The following are titles I considered and their reason for rejection:

Earth’s After School – I wanted to convey the idea of the earth resting.
Earth’s After School Respite – Kind of awkward.
Earth’s After School Reprieve – While humanity might be putting the earth through a trial and it’s just now getting a rest, it’s still kind of awkward.


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