Here you can find past and present projects that are currently being translated and their current status.


Chikyuu no Houkago

Chikyuu no Houkago Project Logo

After the appearance of the mysterious “phantoms,” earth has become devoid of humans. Living on this vacant world are four individuals: the relaxed but dependable Masashi, the shy but earnest Sanae, the boisterous but thoughtful Yaeko, and the mischievous but lovable Anna. So the average daily life of these four came to close and a new story will begin to unfold, depicting their lives after humankind.


Volume 6
Complete: 5/5 (35/35)
Current Chapter: 5 (35)
Current Chapter Translation: 100%
Current Chapter Cleaning: 100%
Current Chapter Typesetting: 100%
Number of Fully Translated Chapters: 35/35


9 thoughts on “Projects

  1. Thank you for your translation, I really enjoy reading this manga and even more with your awesome translation and the translation notes which are extremely helpful and interesting as well.

    Keep with the good work and, once again, thanks!


  2. I honestly cannot thank you enough for translating this story. I’ve read lots of short stories by various sci-fi authors, but this is one of my favorite.


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