UPDATE: I’ve added the links to Mangahere, but I’m having issues uploading to bato. Seems that it doesn’t like that I’m traveling right now. I’ll try to figure out a way to upload it to bato and provide the corresponding links when they are up. However, my guess is that if you’re coming here, you’ve already downloaded the chapters and read them.

tl;dr version:
Thanks for reading. The story is finished. There is extra stuff included that I will translate and release later. There will be a batch with revised chapters. Sadly, nyaa bt tracker is dead, so new tracker for P2P dls.

Chikyuu Complete Release

After the last cliffhanger I only felt it was appropriate to release the next chapters as a block. After all, the previous chapter’s ending was fairly solemn and waiting a week or more between info dumps might have made the final chapters difficult to follow. So without further ado, I give you the final three chapters of Earth’s After School Rest.

Since nyaa is now dead, I will have to use a different bt tracker for these chapters’ release. Sorry for the inconvenience, but has been reborn by a new group of individuals. They are emulating the nyaa look and feel and appear to be the spiritual successors. You can find them at I will now be using them as the primary tracker and bt distribution. As you can see, they also provide magnet links, which I have included for your convenience. If you grabbed the torrents created more than 8 hours ago and would like to seed this manga, please download the new torrent links. They include the other trackers, but now also include nyaa reborn.

Thank you everyone for staying with me and encouraging me to keep releasing. Translating this manga has been an extremely rewarding experience: from learning more about the Japanese language and culture to releasing to new chapters to such a wonderful group of fans, it’s been great!


DDL: MF: 33  34  35 | Mega: 33  34  35
P2P: Torrent: 33  34  35 | Magnet:  33  34  35
Read: Bato: 33  34  35 | Mangahere: 33  34  35

For those of you who download the chapters, you may notice that the final page is 198 instead of the expected 152. This is because that while this is the final contiguous chapter of this series, the author included the one-shot (that original story that got this manga published by Red Comics) as well as some other information about the series’s development. I will translate this at some point for the sake of completion, but since it is not canon, it is not nearly as important as releasing these final chapters.

I will include the one-shot as a separate release and it will also be included in a batch that I will include revised chapters. Most revisions will be spelling errors, but I will also modify some of the text in my earlier releases from when I was still figuring things out.


18 thoughts on “EARTH’S AFTER SCHOOL REST – VOLUME 6, CHAPTER 33 – 35 [Complete]

  1. Thank you for translating this series so much, this has been a really enjoyable read for so long and I’m glad I got to see it through till the end.


    1. Thank you so much for reading it until the end aobina. I was happy that there was so much interest in this series. I hope you will enjoy whatever I decide to pick up next too.


  2. Is it really finished? Man… That’s hard to believe with how long I’ve been following your work.

    Thank you so, so much for your dedication to finishing this series with a constantly impressive quality. The awesome translator notes during and after each chapter were well appreciated insight! Every chapter has been well worth the wait.

    The journey for this series has been fun. I can’t wait to see what you pick up next!


    1. Thanks for sticking with it until the end. I know that my translations slowed down over time, but I was really happy that you and everyone else seemed to enjoy it. I’m happy that you will return for the next series too.


    1. I’m glad you enjoyed it. Out of all the manga I considered translating, there was something special about this one the really made me want to translate it. Thanks for reading it until the end.


  3. Thanks for translating this series. I have been impressed with your editing, touch ups and translation notes (which I really enjoyed). I have your site bookmarked and will keep up the daily visit.


    1. Thanks for reading the series to completion. I’m happy to have received so much positive feedback. I hope that you will enjoy the next work as much as this one.


    1. I’m glad you enjoyed the translations! As a heads up, I will probably release the first chapter of the next series first since I am currently traveling and don’t have direct access to the one-shot source material, but I’ll try to get to it as soon as possible.


  4. I can’t believe it is almost three years of these translations. I have really enjoyed this manga and your comprehensive notes at the end of each chapter, incredible work. Thank you so much for this.


  5. I think there is no better way to express myself than: YOU. ARE. AWESOME!!! Thanks a bunch for the incredible quality of your translations, editing and notes! Reading this manga for the past 3 years was a marvelous experience, not only because of the work itself but as for your ceaseless effort in making our experience the best possible as well. Thanks once again and see you next time!


  6. Thank you for translating this series.

    I never thought I would see it in English back when I was buying and reading the raws. It was such an interesting series that it was one that I would check each time I visited the Japanese bookstore, even though I knew it came out every 3-6 months. Was really a nice surprise when I stumbled across this series on one of the reading sites.

    I’ll be looking forward to the Volume batchs as well as the pilot chapter when you get around to them.


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