Nyaa Reborn Update

First, let me apologize for the length of this post. I am trying to cover all aspects of the advent of nyaa clones. If you don’t care about the alleged nyaa controversy or general subbing/translating drama, feel free to ignore this post. For those who do care, please read everything so you understand my position.

It has come to my attention that there seems to be some controversy between whether or not i7 Scans should support nyaa.si or not. Currently, it seems that the main point of contention is whether to use nyaa.si, who many believe to be a pirated (stolen?) version of nyaa.se, or whether to use nyaa.pantsu.cat, who are supposedly comprised of some of the original nyaa members, but based on some internet hearsay had a member who ostensibly said something that was construed as offensive (racist?). In both cases, the intentions of each group and its members is nebulous since I have yet to see actual concrete proof beyond what has been branded as racism/piracy is anything less than inference. I am not saying that people didn’t reach these inferences for good reason, simply that I don’t have the time to sort out internet drama and hearsay.

I will say that I do not want any part of this controversy or the drama that ensues. I am solely here to translate manga for those who are interested and for the benefit of improving my Japanese comprehension. I don’t condone racism or theft, so until I can confirm any intent of ill will from either site, I will not officially support nor endorse one or the other. I will leave it to the individual person to choose which tracker they wish to support:



I have deleted my original “Nyaa Reborn” post, so that no one misconstrues my inaction as support or endorsement for one over the other.

This being said, if you understand how torrent trackers work, DHT works, and you have DHT enabled, then you will understand why I say that from a purely technical (and not ethical or moral) perspective that supporting neither of these groups is not an issue. DHT will find you peers from which to download your torrent (some of these peers may have downloaded pieces from either tracker or none of them) independent from any tracker.



UPDATE: I’ve added the links to Mangahere, but I’m having issues uploading to bato. Seems that it doesn’t like that I’m traveling right now. I’ll try to figure out a way to upload it to bato and provide the corresponding links when they are up. However, my guess is that if you’re coming here, you’ve already downloaded the chapters and read them.

tl;dr version:
Thanks for reading. The story is finished. There is extra stuff included that I will translate and release later. There will be a batch with revised chapters. Sadly, nyaa bt tracker is dead, so new tracker for P2P dls.

Chikyuu Complete Release

After the last cliffhanger I only felt it was appropriate to release the next chapters as a block. After all, the previous chapter’s ending was fairly solemn and waiting a week or more between info dumps might have made the final chapters difficult to follow. So without further ado, I give you the final three chapters of Earth’s After School Rest.

Since nyaa is now dead, I will have to use a different bt tracker for these chapters’ release. Sorry for the inconvenience, but has been reborn by a new group of individuals. They are emulating the nyaa look and feel and appear to be the spiritual successors. You can find them at nyaa.si. I will now be using them as the primary tracker and bt distribution. As you can see, they also provide magnet links, which I have included for your convenience. If you grabbed the torrents created more than 8 hours ago and would like to seed this manga, please download the new torrent links. They include the other trackers, but now also include nyaa reborn.

Thank you everyone for staying with me and encouraging me to keep releasing. Translating this manga has been an extremely rewarding experience: from learning more about the Japanese language and culture to releasing to new chapters to such a wonderful group of fans, it’s been great!


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P2P: Torrent: 33  34  35 | Magnet:  33  34  35
Read: Bato: 33  34  35 | Mangahere: 33  34  35

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