General Update

Just letting everyone know that my original hope and intent of releasing early last week was replaced by a new goal: releasing the final three chapters within a few days of each other. This change of plans occurred after realizing that putting a long break between any of these last few chapters would not be ideal for the reader.

Currently, I have translated all three final chapters and just need to typeset them. I hope to release the first chapter sometime on or before Friday.



Chapter 32 Release Pic

It’s finally here! The next release! I hope that you all enjoy this chapter. Next chapter will be released sometime this weekend or early next week. I don’t want these last few chapters to be strung out with too much time in-between.

For those who don’t download the chapter, but use a manga aggregator, as always I’ll update those links as they become available.

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Chapter Tomorrow

Just letting you all know that I’m alive and fine and that I expect to release the next chapter tomorrow. Sorry for such long delays on these last few chapters.