Unfortunately, I will not be able to release Chapter 30 tonight. Two things have impeded my progress:

  1. Work as usual
  2. One of my 3TB Hard Drives suffered from bad sectors and a large amount of data related to my work is (currently) irrecoverable.

I have had to rededicate my efforts to recovering this data since it represents about a month worth of work, which I will otherwise have to reconstruct from scratch. Sorry. Hopefully, I will be able to release the chapter on the weekend.


8 thoughts on “Delay

  1. Hurry and get a replacement hard drive. The instant you start getting bad sectors without doing things like dropping the computer or the like is the time that you need to pull whatever you can off of it because it’s about to go.


    1. Yeah. I backup most of the important data so much of it is intact, but it just so happens that I moved some data into bad sectors. As a result the most recent data was not backed up and therefore not recoverable. I might as well have selected it and hit ‘shift + delete’.


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