Release Schedule

Due to some work-related struggles, I have been unable to do much typesetting lately. However, I have invested a chunk of time this week to ensure that I finish volume 5 in a more timely manner. Translations for Chapter 28 to 30 are complete.

  • I anticipate releasing Chapter 28 sometime late today into tomorrow morning.
  • Chapter 29 will be released by this Sunday night Monday. There were too many translation notes that I would have to leave unexplained if I released tonight. Expect it tomorrow.
  • Chapter 30 will be released at latest by next Wednesday.

Thank you everyone for being patient. I know that these long droughts can be off-putting and tiresome.


3 thoughts on “Release Schedule

  1. Work has to come before play – that is definitely understandable! Sure, a consistent release schedule would be cool, but I am never hurt by the lack of a consistent release schedule. You are doing this for free and on your own time, simply for others to enjoy. If work has to come before this, so be it. People can get over it or go learn to translate on their own.

    You always do a fantastic job with your translations. I have yet to find a series I enjoy with a translator who puts noticeable time and effort into explanations like you do. I would rather have this great quality scanlation released at a slower pace rather than a mass quantity of scanlations with okay translations.

    Just don’t drop off of the face of the Earth! (No puns intended there.) Keeping us updated goes a long way, too. I’d be lying if I said that my day always gets better when my phone shows an email alert of a chapter release or an update that tells me you’re still alive! =P

    Thanks for your continued effort on this series. Most people will be grateful for your work and having the chapters to read. (I definitely hope some of them come here to express that thanks, too!)

    – Some anonymous guy who owes you a good "thank you" dinner and beer.

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    1. Thank you Rdzy. I know you are sincere in what you say, and that means a lot to me. I am delighted and honored that you enjoy my translations and their notes that much. I hope to continue translating at a quality that is befitting your praise. Thank you again. Please look forward to future releases and I hope the rest of your day is excellent.


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