Unfortunately, I will not be able to release Chapter 30 tonight. Two things have impeded my progress:

  1. Work as usual
  2. One of my 3TB Hard Drives suffered from bad sectors and a large amount of data related to my work is (currently) irrecoverable.

I have had to rededicate my efforts to recovering this data since it represents about a month worth of work, which I will otherwise have to reconstruct from scratch. Sorry. Hopefully, I will be able to release the chapter on the weekend.




This chapter Masashi and the gang decide to hold a study session to brush-up on their atrophying academics.

Sooo… this chapter took a lot of time for two reasons. First, there was a ton of typesetting because there were sound effects for everything and there was a lot text spoken outside of text boxes. Second, there were a ton of optional translation notes that I included in the back. Some of you will undoubtedly enjoy them. It felt like I was writing eclectic textbook entries. You’ll see what I mean.

Anyway, enjoy!

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Here is Chapter 28 of Chikyuu no Houkago. It was finished a little earlier than my earlier projected release schedule, so I figured I try to get it up as soon as possible. I’ll be going on a quick bike ride after this since I’ve been sitting all day. I’ll check to see if the Reader links are up when I return.

In this release, Masashi expands on his current working theory and we have some more thick-headed moments. Hope you enjoy.

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Release Schedule

Due to some work-related struggles, I have been unable to do much typesetting lately. However, I have invested a chunk of time this week to ensure that I finish volume 5 in a more timely manner. Translations for Chapter 28 to 30 are complete.

  • I anticipate releasing Chapter 28 sometime late today into tomorrow morning.
  • Chapter 29 will be released by this Sunday night Monday. There were too many translation notes that I would have to leave unexplained if I released tonight. Expect it tomorrow.
  • Chapter 30 will be released at latest by next Wednesday.

Thank you everyone for being patient. I know that these long droughts can be off-putting and tiresome.