Chapter 26 Release Pic
What is it that Masashi sees?

Quick turn around since this chapter just needed to by proofread and quality checked. I made modifications to the title name, so this chapter title will be a little different from how it is listed in the table of contents released last time. I have modified the table of contents to reflect this, so when I do a batch release of the entire manga it will be consistent.

As always, I hope you enjoy the release!

Link to Bato is still not available. Waiting for it to be approved by moderators. I’ll add it when it’s available.

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I just want to let everyone know that I’m not dead, nor is anything discontinued. I’ve just been doing a lot of work lately, which has unfortunately left less time for doing this. I have, however, completely translated the next three chapters and all that’s left is typesetting, quality checking, and distributing them.

I am hoping to get a release out by tomorrow, so please sit tight. Thanks for sticking with me!