Earth’s After School Rest – Volume 4, Chapter 22

Chapter 22 Release Pic

Well, it certainly has been an interesting month. First, I built a new computer from which I have released this. It’s a wonderful upgrade. Second, I got a new copy of Photoshop, so I’ve been learning to deal with that change (it will be better in the longer run). Third, there was so much to watch that I definitely was distracted a bit. Between the Copa America, UEFA Euro, the NBA Championship games, the DotA 2 Manilla Major, and work I was quite distracted and or occupied… so sorry about that.

In this chapter, magic mushrooms…. I mean… well, just give it a read. You’ll see what I mean. Hopefully that next chapter will come faster next time.

DDL: MF | Mega
P2P: Torrent
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3 thoughts on “Earth’s After School Rest – Volume 4, Chapter 22

  1. Thanks for the chapter and all your hard work! I really enjoyed the Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei light novels and thought the anime and manga versions weren’t bad either. The anime and manga I felt were really focused to a a different audience than the novels.


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