Earth’s After School Rest – Volume 3, Chapter 18

Chapter 18 Release Pic

Thanks for sticking it out with me until the end of volume 3. In this chapter, Masashi discusses his logic for thinking that everyone is still alive. It took a little longer than usual because there was quite a bit of text and with Masashi pontificating, I was having trouble transitioning the Japanese to English.

The good news is that I have translated half of the next volume. The bad news is that I’m not sure when I’ll be able to typeset it. I hope that it’s sooner than later though. Thanks again everyone!

DDL: MF | Mega
P2P: Torrent
Read: Bato | Mangahere


4 thoughts on “Earth’s After School Rest – Volume 3, Chapter 18

  1. Your translation is always top-notch. I’m really amazed how much work and dedication you put into this manga. People need to appreciate you more.


  2. I really appreciate your work I7, an old disabled person like me just has a few things I can enjoy. Manga and anime
    are what I really like, and this manga is a good one.
    Thank you, and take care of yourself.


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