Delay Explanation

For those of you who are wondering where the scans are or who are concerned about me, I thank you for you kindness. Asking when new scans are going to be released and asking me about my current situation in real life lets me know that you all care.

I apologize for my absence these last two months. Here is an explanation of events that have led to the lull in translation. First, my desktop, which stores most of my translations died. Soon after fixing it, my job picked up. I worked for a major company on a project to develop forecasting software. As the deadline for the release of this software approached, I was spending close to 15 hours daily debugging code that was being still being written at the request of management. Now that the project has ended (Yay!), I will be seeking new software projects to develop. Finally, I moved following the completion of my project, so only recently have I un-boxed my desktop to begin translating again.

I apologize to all for the delays. My goal will be to put out a new translation this Wednesday. Thank you all for your concern and patiently waiting. I will try to inform you all if such a long delay ever presents itself again.