Status Update: Delayed

While the next two chapters are completely translated, they are halted at typesetting as I have a major deadline this Friday. After this Friday, I will ensure that I get these next two chapters out before the end of the weekend. Thank you for your continued patience, support, and understanding in these matters.


Earth’s After School Rest – Volume 3, Chapter 16

Chapter 16 Release Pic
Do I sense a ship leaving the harbor…?

Thank you for waiting patiently. I’m grateful that I don’t receive any complaints regarding the translation speed. Today’s release focuses on Masashi and Yaeko. We get a little more info on Masashi, which up to this point has been lacking despite his role as one of the main protagonists. Those of you shipping Masashi x Yaeko will enjoy this chapter. I also hope that those of you who aren’t and that ship also enjoy the chapter.

And with that I’m off to watch some anime. On a personal note, I’m quite delighted this season. So far I have watched six different shows and liked all six! And I’m stilling waiting for God Eater, which is this season’s hype since it was done by ufotable. I really didn’t watch much anime last season, so I’m excited!

Update: I would like to thank the manga aggregator’s that retained my front page this time. I sincerely appreciate it since most people who read the manga do not actually visit this site, so the front page is my only chance to engage them. Thank you once again.

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