Earth’s After School Rest – Volume 3, Chapter 15

The cake is a code word for i7's releases... you'll get it after you read the chapter.
The cake is a code word for i7’s releases… you’ll get it after you read the chapter.

Hello Everyone! I hope you will still return even thought it’s been forever since the last release. Basically, I lost my hard drive, which meant I had to procure raws again and re-translate this chapter and the next chapter. I also started work and commute for about 4.5 hours a day, so that has cut into the time that I can typeset.

If you care about those things, you can read the intro page for this chapter. If not, thanks for sticking with me despite all and I hope you enjoy the chapter!

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Update on Chikyuu no Houkago

This is just a brief message to let you know that i7 Scans is NOT dead.

I had a mishap with my computer. The hard drive failed, so I lost a bit of information. I was able to pull most of it off, but I lost a few of the translations and some of the previous Photoshop files. I’m back on track, but will be starting to work for a new job this week. Expect a slight delay.

The good news is that the next two chapters are completely translated and just require typesetting at this point. I hope to finish at least one release by Wednesday. The other will probably be released Saturday.

Thank you for your patience.