Earth’s After School Rest – Volume 2, Chapter 7

In this chapter, we venture into Yaeko’s past and gain some key insights into what has shaped her as a person. We also meet a character who is instrumental in her life.

After some technical issues and a lot of difficulty determining how to make this chapter read smoother in English, it’s finally finished. It was a fun chapter to translate in general. It helped me see some of the major difficulties with translating. In Japanese, this chapter flows nicely, but because of the differences of sentence construction between English and Japanese, it was tough making it flow as well in English.

Also, there are a lot of translations notes this week partly because of the difficulty of making it flow, but also because there was a lot in the way of culture that seemed worthwhile addressing.

DDL: RG | Mega
P2P: Torrent
Read: Bata | Mangahere


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