Earth’s After School Rest – Volume 1, Chapter 6

Here it is: the final chapter in the first volume! This chapter provides some intrigue for those of you interested in more than just the relationships between each character. As they say, “the plot thickens!” Although, it’s more like it’s thickening with more enigmas. Look forward to next volume’s first chapter by the beginning of the weekend!

Also, I’m thinking about translating one of two manga as a side project. Both were begun by groups, but never completed. Since neither group has worked on either series in quite a long time, I’m thinking about breathing life into these series once again. Both are much darker and more graphic than Earth’s After School Rest. Since these manga would be side projects, I would not allow it to interfere with my current release schedule of once every 3 – 5 days.

Anyway, enjoy your manga!

DDL: RG | Mega
P2P: Torrent
Read: Bata | Mangahere


2 thoughts on “Earth’s After School Rest – Volume 1, Chapter 6

  1. I really enjoy your translation notes, as they show insight into the decisions and compromises which were made into order to distill one culture into another, through the medium of language. Kudos to you for this extra effort in helping to me to more fully understand how things are working “behind the scenes.”


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