Earth’s After School Rest – Volume 1, Chapter 5

It’s a first! I finished before some unbelievably late hour.

We have a little bit of action of some kind in this chapter, but I won’t ruin the surprise. This chapter wasn’t terribly challenging to translate or confusing. There weren’t as many Japanese language ambiguities as usual, so there’s not much to say about it. As a result, I felt like there was a lack of translation notes. No worries, I’m certain I’ll make up for it in the next chapter or two.

Speaking of which, I’ve already translated Chapter 6, so all I have to do is clean it and typeset it. If tomorrow doesn’t throw me any curve balls, I should be finished before the end of the weekend.

Edit: For some reason, Mangahere hasn’t yet approved my upload of Chapter 5. I’ll update it when they make it available. Also, for those who see this post, Chapter 6 is about 50% complete with typesetting.

P2P: Torrent
Read: Bata | Mangahere


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