First Post and Self Introduction

Hello Everyone! This is my first post. I’ve never used WordPress before, so hopefully nothing breaks.

Before a week ago, I had never been directly involved with anime or manga translation before. I had tinkered with the idea once or twice and translated a few things for friends on the side. However, I’ve primarily been a lurker in the manga and anime community. But as my ability to read and write Japanese has become increasingly better, I felt compelled to give back to the community that helped me come to enjoy the Japanese language and culture.

However, I am not doing this for entirely altruistic purposes. I am still a novice in comparison to many translators, so my translation project are going to be a way for me to give back to the community while further my ability to read, write, and understand Japanese. Not everything will be perfect, but I’ll try my best. It will be labor of love and because of that I cannot guarantee speed scans. However, this also means that I’m open to suggestions on both translations and formatting. My goal would be to create something of archival quality.


5 thoughts on “First Post and Self Introduction

  1. Good to see someone who’s willing to take on a project to give back. And it’s well done to boot. I’d love to be able to give back myself, but my skill are limited, unfortunately. However, since you’re doing this solo, if you’d like some help with localizing translations (as opposed to transliteration), typesetting and proofing, I’d be glad to assist. Just let me know.

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    1. Thanks Mythic. I appreciate you taking the time to leave a comment. I hope that you enjoyed it. Since it’s my first time doing this, I hope nothing read too awkwardly. If you have suggestions, they are always appreciated.

      I will consider recruiting if the burden becomes too great since I don’t want to give up. However, I’m concerned that my inconsistent schedule will drive those who work with me crazy. Give me a week to ponder the difficulty of doing this alone and I’ll get back to you if you’re still interested. Alternatively, if I pick up another project, I will certainly need help, so at that point, I will definitely begin recruiting.

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      1. Everything read rather well, actually, and was very enjoyable. Your use of ambiguous English words and terms in place of the ambiguity of the original Japanese both flows and fits with the manga’s content. The only things I’d say are personal preferences, really. I’m rather fond of the Japanese sound effects, particularly the big splashes (as opposed to a “doki doki” above someone’s head) since, as a native English speaker, they leave more room for my imagination to fill in the blank with audio. Also, certain slang (chinko) is universal enough in manga that it might be viable if left literal. A note in the margin or at the end would suffice in those cases.

        Like I said though, that’s personal preference.

        In regards to working together, and with a particular nod to schedules, I work full time myself, so I understand not being able to pump out content in a consistent manner. If you decide that you’d like the help, send me an email (mythic_mail[at], and we can hopefully work something out.

        Best regards, and keep up the good work.


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