Earth’s After School Rest – Volume 1, Chapter 1

For my first project, I will be translating Chikyuu no Houkago. I started this about six months ago, while toying with the idea to become a translator, but dropped it because of my own ineptitude at the time. I realize that Seiai Scans has already translated the first chapter, but since I am doing this for my own enjoyment, I will also be translating it. Aside from that, Seiai has stated that they will be focusing on Hen na Nee-san and possibly School Ningyo after that. I encourage you to check out Zakudono’s work at Seiai’s Scans.

Anyway, you can find some links to the chapter below. I’ve never made a torrent, so there’s a good chance I did it wrong. Let me know if you’re unable to download the chapter. So it looks like the torrent was made correctly, but the connection is slow. Sorry about that. That’s my pathetic upload speed. You can also download the chapter from the dl sites below. If you manage to download it via torrent, or have a kind heart, please seed so that others can get the chapter as well.

Expect the next chapter in a day.

P2P: Torrent
Read: Bata | Mangahere


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